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The Pauls Discuss Third Party Politics

Riding in the wake of Hoffman's big election results in New York district 23, Judge Andrew Napolitano  invites Ron and son Rand Paul, both doctors, for a discussion on elections. The judge announced Rand, who is running as a Republican in the Kentucky senate race, is leading in the latest poll commissioned.

Although Ron ran on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1988, he seems less-than-enthused on taking that route these days. He points out that there wasn't a primary in the upper New York district, and that Dede was hand-picked. Where there are fair primaries, we can extrapolate, he must believe that's where the battle should be. But that extrapolation contradicts Paul's 2008 endorsement of Chuck Baldwin for president.
Some might call battling in one party primary and losing, then to keep fighting under the flag of another party in the general to be "sore loserism", but the Pauls, the TEA partiers, and all the sons and daughters of liberty see this as a fight for the republic to the end. 
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