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Politico Can't Compute The Concept

The term "cognitive dissonance" is thrown around a lot by pundits trying to back their arts in the more concrete ground of science. But with an article by Politico, one political writer truly can't perceive what is impossible for him to conceptualize.

Josh Kraushaar manages to write a whole post about Doug Hoffman being the "dirty Republican" pulling tricks on Dede Scozzafava. Indeed, the post about an attack ad on Scozzafava is entitled "Republican Dirty Tricks."

Just one problem. While Hoffman is undeniably right of Scozzafava, Dede is the Republican! Indeed, he buried this fact extremely deep, yet never once mentions what party Hoffman belongs to. Maybe it's just inconceivable that a third-party candidate (who isn't a plutocrat or celebrity like Mike Bloomberg or Jessie Ventura) is on the verge of crowding one major party candidate out of the race.

Maybe for some it is impossible to conceive that a Conservative Party separate from the GOP can rise up and be an actual contender.

And I have to agree with a lot of the commentators. Hoffman's attack ad isn't only about Scozzafava. By presenting her as the "progressive choice," he may siphon a wing of disenchanted support from the Democrat, Owens, to  Scozzafava's camp, even as rank-and-file GOP shift to the Conservative. In that case, the splintering is brilliant. Perhaps it's a model for all third-party candidates to follow?

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